Schuyler's Monster

Posted on Mon, Sep 22, 2008 @ 02:07 PM
A father's journey with his wordless daughter

Despite the fact that definitions of the "average" family proliferate, the average family in fact does not exist.

If it did it would spend roughly 1,400 USD (1,040 EUR) on its yearly electric bill, would drive a Volkswagen Beetle or Toyota Corolla (purportedly the best-selling cars in history) each family member would live to be 67 years old and would have less than two (but more than one) equally average children.

As Robert and Julie Rummel-Hudson and their daughter Schuyler (Sky-ler) are aware, however, there is as little chance that any child is "average" as there is that any parent is.

Because we all lead complex lives, we may each find something with which to identify in Schuyler's Monster: A Father's Journey with his Wordless Daughter.

Rummel-Hudson is very frank about the struggles of learning about and dealing with the special needs of his daughter. But even as he shares his inner conflicts, the love he feels for this special child reaches out and draws the reader in to share in the developing bond.

Schuyler's story is one about family relationships that is well worth reading.