Food for Thought: The First-Century Church in Context

What Day Is the Sabbath? What Does the Bible Say?

How Did the Early Church View Itself?

Were the Disciples of Jesus Poor and Itinerant?

Celebrity Cult-ure versus Stories of the Bible

Teachings of Jesus: The Measure We Mete

New Testament Basics: Jesus on Materialism

Understanding the Bible: Out With the Old and In With the New?

New Testament Bible Basics: Lives of Pretense?

The First Christians: From Nazareth to Nicaea

The First Christmas: It Was Later Than You May Think!

Jewish New Testament Studies: revisited

Major New Testament publication launched.

Boating on Galilee; a marvel of archaeology

The Tomb of Jesus

Archaeology Season 2010

Apostle Paul and the Book of Deuteronomy:

"Petrus im Rom" or Peter in Rome revisited

Early Manuscripts Answer Modern Question about Sacred Names

Noted Jewish Scholar Dies: Impact on Studies of New Testament

Samaritan Passover

Monotheism or Monolatry

Cyrus Cylinder: missing parts may have been part of the Museum’s collection

Fragment from world's oldest Bible found hidden in Egyptian monastery

Jordan requests that Canada seize the Dead Sea Scrolls!

Bible Study Resources

Did Jesus Christ Actually Exist?

Just what did the Apostle Paul teach? The hottest debate in Christianity

Chanukkah and the Maccabees Again

The Origins of Chanukkah

What did the Readers of the Gospel of Mark understand?

The Ever-Changing Apostle Paul

The First Epistle of Peter

Leen Ritmeyer and the Eastern Wall of the Temple Mount

Feast of the Assumption

What Can We Learn from Old Books?

Codex Sinaiticus: The Book from Sinai

The Book from Sinai

Who Wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls?

Israel Knohl discusses the impact of Gabriel's Revelation

The New Testament Environment

Jesus and Judaism

The Essenes and Pliny

Greek Lexicon of New Testament

The Latest ESV Study Bible

How to Read the New Testament

British Museum is 250 Years Old (or Young) This Month

2008 A Year of Archaeological Discovery

What Languages Were Spoken in First Century Judaea and Galilee?

Augustine and the Jews Revisited

Gabriel's Revelation on Display in Houston

Babylon, Myth and Reality

Catholics Instructed to Avoid Use of the Tetragrammaton!

Walls of Jerusalem Uncovered

Jews and Gentiles Dining Together

Shroud of Turin Back in the News

The Most Popular Book

What Religion Was Jesus Christ?

"Lives Remembered"

Church of England’s Woes

Passing of the Guard

Which Gospels?

Pentecost: The Birthday of the Church!

Putin’s Church!

Papal Visit to the United States of America

The Passover Bread

What Happened to the Feast of Unleavened Bread or 'Hag Hamatsot'?

Chronology of the Passover week

Passover Considerations

James Strange Video Interview Regarding Sepphoris

Easter is coming!

Lecture on the Book of Revelation Addressed to an Overflow Crowd

Detailed Report on the Third Princeton Symposium

Gentile Knowledge of the Scriptures

Jewish or gentile audiences?

To Whom was First Peter written?

Archaeology and Jerusalem

It's Cold!

Biblical Studies Carnival XXVI

The Use of Literature by Archaeologists

Archaeology the Bible and Charlatans

Biblical Archaeology

Talpiot Tomb and Jerusalem Conference # 2

Talpiot Tomb and Jerusalem Conference

Talpiot Tomb and Anti-Semitism

Jerusalem Conference: Report

Jerusalem Conference: Talpiot Tomb

Talpiot Tomb Conference, Jerusalem

A True Christian Look at a Non-Christian Christmas.

So you thought this was Christmas

Spot the problems

Nativity Scene Quiz

Can You Answer?

James Who?

Virgin Birth

The Latest Christmas Story

It’s beginning to look and sound a lot like . . . !

That Gospel of Judas again!

ASOR gets off to a traditional start

Why the Silence?

Aleppo Codex in News

Paula Fredriksen's Lectures On-line

Paul in Context

The Context of Jesus Christ and His Followers

Why Should We Suffer?

Important Conference on Jerusalem

Virtual Qumran Creator Interviewed

A Question as Old as Humanity

Biblical Carnival XXIII

Monotheism Is the Subject of the Month!

Dead Sea Scrolls Again

New Books on the Apostle Paul


New Perspective on Paul


Publication of Gospel of Judas Examined

Jerusalem Tunnels were Escape Routes for Scrolls

Temple Mount Architect

Discussion on Jewish Christianity

Was Paul a monotheist?

ArchAtlas available on Line

Gospel of Judas

Canadian Dead Sea Scrolls Conference

Dead Sea Scrolls


Jezebel's Ring Identified?

Fourth Century Question

Temple Mount Plans

Original Languages reconsidered

Biblical Archaeology

Apostle Paul and Justification

Josephus and Jesus Christ

That Talpiot Tomb Again

Dead Sea Scrolls Exhibition, San Diego

Perspectives on the Apostle Paul

Is the Bible Irrelevant to the Modern World?

Exhibition Highlights Mutual Origins of Judaism, Christianity, Islam

Patristics and the Jewish Roots of Christianity

Paul the Jew

That Talpiot Tomb again!

Dead Sea Scrolls in San Diego

Why Paul Changed His Name

Geza Vermes: Left Behind in the Study of Jesus

Those Christians Again

Church History Date

First Century Tomb Discovered

First Followers of Jesus: Doctrinal Distinctives

Jesus, the Apostle Paul, and the Early Church in Context

Were the Early Followers of Jesus Christians?

Buried in Time

The End of the Talpiot Tomb

A Critical Look Inside The Jesus Tomb

Did the Family Of Jesus Have a Tomb in Jerusalem?

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