How to Read the New Testament

Recognizing the scope of change in New Testament studies
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Details: How to Read the New Testament
E P Sanders

E. P. Sanders is one individual who has contributed an enormous amount  to the study of the New Testament in the past 40 years—especially to the study of Paul.

A brief autobiographical essay was presented by Sanders at a conference held in his honor in April of 2003. Titled “Comparing Judaism and Christianity: An Academic Autobiography,” the paper is available online courtesy of Duke University and Mark Goodacre.

This is a worthwhile read for any student of the New Testament in that it outlines the sea of changes that have occurred throughout the 20th century which have laid the foundation for New Testament studies in the 21st.  

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British Museum is 250 Years Old (or Young) This Month

Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory Celebrates!
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Details: British Museum is 250 Years Old (or Young) This Month
British Museum

Founded on a fortune made from popularizing cocoa as a drink, the British Museum celebrates 250 years of enlightening visitors about the lives lived by people in numerous civilizations from around the globe. The Times of London has an expansive article on the Museum and excerpts from the anniversary lecture given by its current Director, Neil MacGregor. An audio file of MacGregor's lecture is also available.

It was 250 years ago this month that the British Museum first opened its doors to the public. When you visit the museum today, you visit a collection like no other and a structure like no other building on earth. It is the only place where you can, in every sense, walk through the world and through time looking at the whole range of what humans have made while speculating as to what they may have thought.

The museum has been able to keep up with the march of history in a remarkable way. In the day of the World Wide Web and broadband connections, much of the museum’s collections can be viewed online by people anywhere in the world. It is no longer just the preserve of Londoners or visitors, but enjoys a global reach. And yes, you can have a drink of hot cocoa or chocolate at one of the eateries provided. For children the museum can be as much a delight as a visit to Willy Wonka’s mythical factory.


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