James Who?

Brother of Jesus subject to study

James the brother of Jesus doesn’t have the celebrity status of the Apostle Paul or Apostle Peter within New Testament studies.  Like the rest of the twelve he is largely ignored.  Yet James is the one leader for whom we have historical details outside of the New Testament in that he is referred to by Josephus. 

Matti Myllykoski of University of Helsinki, Finland is seeking to help turn that around.  Over the past two years, Matti has published two lengthy articles entitled “James the Just in History and tradition: Perspectives of Past and Present Scholarship” in the journal, Currents in Biblical Research.  Perhaps the end result of this extensive study would be another book on the subject. These articles will be useful reading material for some of the long flights I’m about to undertake!

Matt Jackson-McCabe of the University of Niagara also told me that he was hoping to develop some studies on James.

Encouraging signs all round.

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Josephus and Jesus Christ

Insights into Josephus and the knowledge of Jesus from the First Century

On Thoughts on Antiquity, the writer has put together a useful survey of the information known about Josephus' reference to Jesus Christ.  Known technically as The Testimonium Flavianumit represents what is attributed to Josephus, and what can be deduced as Josephus's original comments.  Full details of the material together with an interface to compare different documents relating to the statement from Josephus are given on thiswebsite.

Our thanks to the author for the considerable work he has undertaken to put this material together in the public domain.

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