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Exhibition changes in San Diego

The exhibition currently being held in San Diego has undergone a major change with new documents being made available for public viewing.  Even if you have been already, this is worth a revisit.

According to comments by by Peter Flint recorded in The Canadian News, more people have viewed the exhibitions of the Dead Sea Scrolls that those of either the Titanic or King Tut.

The exhibition at the Natural History Museum in San Diego lasts until the end of December, 2007.

Compliments to Jim Davila of PaleoJudaica for the link.

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Dead Sea Scrolls in San Diego

Documents that existed at the time of Jesus and the disciples will be on display in Southern California.

The Dead Sea Scrolls, discovered in 1947 at Qumran and now belonging to Israel, are coming to San DiegoCalifornia. Beginning June 29, 2007, the San Diego Natural History Museumwill be hosting the longest and largest exhibition of the scrolls. The six-month-long exhibition, which undergoes a change at the mid point, is being produced in conjunction with the Israel Antiquities Authority’s Dead Sea Scrolls Foundation 

The display will highlight some 27 different scrolls, 10 of which have never been displayed previously. These include remaining parts of scrolls of Deuteronomy, Isaiah and a Commentary of Job. A number of faculty who teach at San Diego area universities and have been closely associated with the Scrolls will spearhead a lecture series that will run in conjunction with the exhibition.  

At the same time, the University of California at Los Angeles is launching a virtual Qumrantour which will be available to visitors to the exhibition. Designed initially as a teaching tool, the virtual tour has been enhanced to recreate the location where the scrolls were found.

Unfortunately, the tour doesn’t allow visitors to search for more artifacts in the caves. However some of the original equipment used in the excavations and recovery of the scrolls will be on display.

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