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Paula Fredriksen, Aurelio Professor of Scripture at Boston University, is the presenter of this years Spencer Trask Lecture Series, provided by Princeton University Press. This years presentation in the annual lecture series, established by a gift from Spencer Trask in 1891, is entitled Sin: The Early History of an Idea. Videos of these lectures, from which we have already provided some excerpts (see here and here), are available on-line in various formats at:

Good work Paula!

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The Context of Jesus Christ and His Followers

Dramatic Change in Perspective

"One of the biggest changes that’s happened in the scholarly world since I was introduced to it back in the 1970’s is the way that Judaism . . . is seen as the context of Christianity rather than as its contrast.”  44:18 

Paula Fredriksen, "Sin: The Early History of the Idea: Lecture 1: God, Blood, and theTemple" October 9, 2007 -- Spencer Trask Lecture, cosponsored by Princeton University Press.

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